Resources & Links


Health and Health Information
Mercola – A goldmine of information about health.
Sophistry Skin Care – Healthy skin is maintained with Sophistry’s custom made skincare products at affordable prices.
The Vitamin D Council – Read current research about how proper Vitamin D levels may spare you from suffering from many conditions.
Milk Does NOT Do A Body Good – Don’t buy the Milk Myth.
Allergy Self-Help – Self-Help tips with pressure points, home care treatments and other items for relief of seasonal allergies.

People that can compliment your Holistic health
Elizabeth Dandenell, LMFT – Therapist with lots of tools at her disposal! Results driven and collaborative.
Celina Trevino – Canadian trained Osteopath and massage therapist.
Symmetry Health Center – Chiropractic that gets it right.
Linda Garvin, RN, MSN – Patient Advocate. Works on your behalf to solve health care challenges.

Mama and Baby
Earth Mama Angel Baby – Organic and safe toiletries (shampoo, soap, lotion, etc) for mom and baby.
Wholesome Baby Food – Reference site for what foods to give and when along with recipes for making your own foods.
Keeping Your Child Healthy with Chinese Medicine – A parent’s guide to caring for your child based on the principles of Chinese Medicine.

Just for fun
USA Kung Fu Studio – Stay fit with Kung Fu.  They make it fun for kids and adults.
Modern Mouse Gifts – Store with unique gifts from local artists. This place is worth the drive to Alameda to check out!
Monkey Bars – Eco-friendly toys, natural fiber clothing, toys, strollers…a must see store.